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Twitter comes with temporary daily limits to prevent data collection

июль 02, 2023 12:23

Twitter has set temporary daily limits that allow verified users to read a maximum of 10000 Twitter posts per day. Free users can read 1000 tweets per day while new free users can read 500 more tweets. According to Elon Musk the limits are necessary to prevent large-scale data collection on the platform.

Twitter owner Elon Musk announced the daily limits himself on the platform. Initially verified Twitter users could read up to 6000 more Twitter messages per day. Free users could read a maximum of 600 tweets per day while new accounts could view a maximum of 300 more tweets per day. These limits were later increased to 8000 messages for verified users 800 messages for free users and 400 tweets for new free users but are now set at a maximum of 10000 Twitter messages for verified users 1000 messages for free users and 500 messages for new users. free users. No daily limit has yet been set for posting Twitter messages.

Musk wrote in the original announcement tweet that Twitter wants this daily limit to deal with "extreme data collection and system manipulation" that would take place on the social media platform. However he did not provide further details. The daily limits would be temporary. Musk did not specify how long these limits will remain in effect.Friday became aware that users who are not logged in will no longer be able to access the web version of Twitter for the time being. The platform has been asking non-logged-in users to log in since that day. Failure to do so will redirect these users to Twitter's homepage. According to Elon Musk this is also a temporary measure that was allegedly necessary to prevent data scraping.

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